What’s the definition of Bimbofication?

Bimbofication is a sexological susbset of feminization. However, whereas feminization usually involves an exaggerated femininity of clothing and behaviour, bimbofication centers on female anatomy. Enormous silicone breasts, injected lips, butt implants etc. The bimbofied sissy embraces every extreme surgery that exists in order to become a bimbo.

All sissies who pass through The Sissy Farm undergo a medical and psychological process of Bimbofication.

A real life bimbofication case study

June 2021:
A desperate sissy called Jason Acton is choking under the yolk of his masculine role. He contacts our organisation, begging to be feminized. As he has no money, he agrees to undergo bimbofication and to work as a call girl once the process is complete (there’s nothing for free in life, sissy!)

August 2021

The sissy flies to Barcelona and is taken immediately to our underground clinic for feminization. After depilation and liposuction, we inject oestrogen into his genitals and get to work on converting his penis into a tiny sissy clit. This is soon followed by breast implants, silicone injections into the lips and facial feminisation.

October 2021:

January 2022:
The sissy undergoes reconditioning and is renamed Chloe.

He…is now a she.

March 2023:

Bimbofication is complete. Now it is time to concentrate on the skills Tiffany will need as a she-male escort. For this part she enters our famous triple S training program.

She will become an accomplished call girl.

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  1. Valentina Lavoie Reply

    I could help but want to become a sissy bimbo and have all the procedures done to me.

    • Please Mistress please!, I need all the procedures done tome as well!! I beg you to erase all traces of my icky male from within in order to physically transform me into what I need the most in life- to be a bimbofied SHEMALE BITCH SLAVE! Suck puppet!! Placed in a collar and secured to your leash! I can’t take it anymore! I crave to be a WOMAN I need to be WOMAN!! Please help me Mistress, Please!!!:))xxx

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  3. I am a woman in a man’s body how do I become a call girl for you Mistress Elle?

    • I’m really interested in joining the sissy farm, could someone please email me more details, thank you

  4. Martin Kirchhoff Reply

    I know that I will follow you, I will beg you, to become a bimbificated sissy, trained from you, I will not be able, to avoid this, it is my fate and I must follow.

  5. I’m a trans woman and don’t really relate to the whole sissy thing so not sure if this site is right for me, however bimbofication is something i’ve been into for a while and i’d love to know if you have anything for someone who’s already transitioned and looking at bimbofication

  6. Hello, Mistress

    I want to participate in your program.
    I beg you to accept me.

    How do I request an invitation?

    Thank you, humbly thank you.

  7. Please Mistress I am desperate because I want to become a Doll at your service and obey your commands, grant me the honor of starting the Bimbofication process and empty my mind, please Mistress, I beg you, turn me into one of your Bimbo Dolls , I want it so much, please help me Mistress., please..please!!!

  8. Sissy Marissa Reply

    OMG this is a dream come true. I think I can meet all your qualifications with the right amount of time

  9. I am writing this message because I need to talk about it.
    Since I was a child I was born with a female mind and body, growing up I became more and more aware that I was not the same as other males, I suffered a lot, I was sick because inside me there was a girl who was trying to understand what mine was destiny.
    Having said that I understood that I had to be myself, also because when I go to the sea, to the mountains or any other place, my body highlights the femininity with curves, firm and swollen butt, narrow waist …. so I realized that you have to get out of the shell and fly, not giving a damn about everything.
    Unfortunately, here where I live there is a lot of ignorance and I have long ago decided to leave in countries like Germany, Holland or England so I will be able to complete the final step by becoming a whore doll and with what I earn I will also be able to do surgery.

    • It is one of my greatest wishes and also terrified because I am in an oriental society

  10. Hello there Mistresses. I am unfortunately a dumb sissy wannabe without money for your course. I would however, would gladly give myself away to you and sign away literally all rights so I am literally nothing more than a sissy slave that you can ship away to the brothels for the rest of her days! Is there anyway that is still an option?

  11. John tibbatts Reply

    I would love this to become a bimbo slut whore but I don’t have money for all this and it never happened to me

  12. I’m very interested But idk if I’m attractive enough to transform into a Beautiful Creature and shed manliness?

  13. Nathan R brown Reply

    This has always been I dream of mine call me Nina please help me I don’t have the money to do this I would love to do this and live as the true me thanks for this chance if given I now I will rise to to every thing expected

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