What’s the definition of Bimbofication?

Bimbofication is a sexological susbset of feminization. However, whereas feminization usually involves an exaggerated femininity of clothing and behaviour, bimbofication centers on female anatomy. Enormous silicone breasts, injected lips, butt implants etc. The bimbofied sissy embraces every extreme surgery that exists in order to become a bimbo.

All sissies who pass through The Sissy Farm undergo a medical and psychological process of Bimbofication.

A real life bimbofication case study

June 2018:
A desperate sissy called James Acton is choking under the yolk of his masculine role. He contacts our organisation, begging to be feminized. As he has no money, he agrees to undergo bimbofication and to work as a call girl once the process is complete (there’s nothing for free in life, sissy!)

August 2018

The sissy flies to Berlin and is taken immediately to our underground clinic for feminization. After depilation and liposuction, we inject oestrogen into his genitals and get to work on converting his penis into a tiny sissy clit. This is soon followed by breast implants, silicone injections into the lips and facial feminisation.

October 2018:

November 2018:
The sissy undergoes reconditioning and is renamed Tiffany James.
He…is now a she.

March 2019:

Bimbofication is complete. Now it is time to concentrate on the skills Tiffany will need as a she-male escort. For this part she enters our famous triple S training program.

She will become an accomplished call girl.

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  1. Valentina Lavoie Reply

    I could help but want to become a sissy bimbo and have all the procedures done to me.

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