WARNING: There are so many dodgy sites / apps for sissies, we recommend you first read the five brutal facts of sissy dating sites. In the second part of the article, you can read about the good ones.

Fact 1: Most of them are awful. 

The first thing you need to know about sissy dating apps and websites is that the vast majority are awful.

And when I say awful – that can vary from badly-designed and poorly populated with users – all the way up to fraudulent and extractive. If you are genuinely interested in dating apps for sissies and crossdressers, you should read this article before parting with a single cent.

Fact 2: Many are made by the same company.

There’s many sites with different designs and website addresses, but they are made by the same company. Therefore, they suffer from the same defects.

Our researchers found several sites which all seem different but all lead to an android app: bicupid. The best example is… http://www.sissycupid.com/

If you go to Sissy Cupid looking for love, the only thing you’ll find is bad grammar. Call me old-fashioned, but the homepage reads like it was written by a Mongolian primary school kid.

Terrible grammar on key site
Who knew that meeting a sissy into pink t-shirts is a plus?

It looks terrifying in terms of potential cyber threats, as pressing anything on the top menu brings up a chrome download sign. I scroll further down and see that there is an Android app. I click and it takes me to the app – bicupid. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bi.bicupid&hl=es_419

Surprisingly, the app has a lot of positive reviews.

I download it.

Upon registering, the problem begins – because this is actually for bisexual people. Technically, many sissies are bisexual, but I don’t want to define myself as a bisexual man (ew,) and defining myself as a bisexual woman sounds a bit hopeful. In other words, it really needs a sissy or trans type option. In other words, despite the fact they search engine positioned this as a sissy dating site, it isn’t a sissy dating site.

Fact 3: Don’t trust reviews.

Do not trust the reviews on Google play!

It breaks my heart to say it, because I trust Google on most things, but their review system has been corrupted.

All of the top transgender apps have ratings of four stars, but when you drill down you see that they are written by bots or fake accounts.

An image that shows the misuse of the google play review process. for sissy apps.

A good example of this is Transdr. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.td.transdr as reviewed in La Vanguardia.

Transdr looks promising because it has many 5-star reviews on Google play. However, I couldn’t find a single review that was written by a native English speaker. Each one was full of mistakes in grammar and vocabulary. I then noticed that all of the names were strange and contrived, like…. Angelica Medici. When I finally find reviews by English speakers, they all seemed to be bad. Also… The same name appears in many different reviews giving 5 stars.

I sign up, and am soon going through photos (which you can swipe through tinder style.) I stop at one hot guy’s page and try to communicate with him. I’m immediately asked to pay! I then see a different chat button and it takes me to the apps customer service bot. Bizarre!

Fact 4: Many sites won’t have users in your areas.

This was particularly pronounced on the following site…


sissymeet.com has a very unattractive home page with a lot of text. The sign-up page is equally unattractive. You have no possibility to preview anything unless you sign up. That’s always a red flag. 

Once you activate your email, you are directed to a scraggly page with your profile and beneath it is an activity feed for the whole site. And you see that in the past 12 hours there were 8 uploads to the website. In other words, there are few users. I then enter a search for a sissy in California and the first user is in Illinois…

I’m looking for love, but I ain’t looking for a plane ride to get it. 

Fact 5: Many of Google’s returns for ‘sissy dating’ are flawed 

Look at https://www.sissy-dating.com/

It’s supposed to be a dating site for sissies, however it’s a site for so called ‘mail order brides’ or…maybe they’re like Stepford sissies – so well feminized they look like mail order brides.

There are a number of sites that purport to be ratings pages and evaluation engines for transgender dating. However, you soon discover that they are just the property of one of the aforementioned conglomerates and the top 3 sites they recommend…. all belong to them. For example – 


We found unsatisfactory search results like ‘Diagnostyka’. Two of Google’s top 20 results for sissy dating take you to a completely unmentioned site:  https://localdates21.com/


Most sissies are so deep in the closet, that they become accustomed to a life in the shadows of the internet. Year after year, they immerse themselves in a fantasy world of avatars, porn, fake Facebook accounts and Reddit alter egos.

But what happens if you want to break out of the virtual and into the real? What happens if you want to stop fantasizing about that strong, dominant man… and actually meet him in the flesh? Or maybe it’s a strong woman … or just another sissy/crossdresser?

As it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll suddenly glam yourself up and go to a local club, what you’ll need is a sissy dating site: a bridge between the online world and the offline. These are the best 3…


Grindr:   https://www.grindr.com/

It’s authentic. A real business with staff and funding (i.e. not an amateur website builder in bosnia). It has users. It has a special category for transwomen that a sissy or crossdresser can also participate in.

Transdr was supposed to be the trans equivalent, but we weren’t impressed.



This is by far the best for authenticity (it’s real) and price (it’s free). However, because it is not a dating platform as such, you can’t search efficiently for people in your area.



You can sign up as a transgender woman or a transvestite… so that pretty much covers all bases. It’s a little old fashioned the design but it is legit and t does have a reasonable amount of users.



When we conceived this article we wanted to write about the top 10 best apps and sites for sissies. Unfortunately, though, we couldn’t even find enough quality for a top 5. 

Attention entrepreneurs: the market is waiting for a good dating app for transgender women and other elements of the cross gender spectrum.

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