I’ve never seen a survey, but I’d bet a fair few bucks that most girls fantasize about being a courtesan or escort.

And if you disagree, then you can register said disagreement right now by taking part in our sissy survey.

Sissy Survey: do you ever fantasize about being a courtesan?

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So, I apologize if it turns out that it’s actually just my freaky fantasy (which’ll make me feel embarrased about an erotic novel I wrote a couple of years ago).

However, I suspect that it won’t turn out like that, so I’ve recreated a sissy test I did for Elle on ellemesen.com:


Do you like working in the open air and have a high capacity to tolerate cold weather?

How would you look after a professional make up and styling session?

What do you do when a man takes his 'you-know-what' out?

What is your level of education? (Are you able to hold intelligent, witty conversations?)

If a well heeled client starts talking about a problem at work...do you...

What's your idea of the perfect outfit for meeting a client?

Do you swallow?

Talking with food in your mouth is...

Would you describe your anus as...

Your ideal lingerie comes from... (LAST QUESTION)

Sissy Quiz: What kind of call-girl are you?
1. Your perfect job in the sex industry is... STREET WALKER!

Your rough and ready appearance, naughty desires and 'all newcummers are welcome' approach, make you the perfect candidate to work that street corner. Cars, park benches and back alleys...your slutty lips will be slurping like it's going out of fashion as we place you in the red light district to work as a she-male corner girl. 10 dollar oral is your speciality...but it's possible to get you down to 5 bucks. Outrageous!
2. Your perfect job in the sex industry is... BROTHEL GIRL!

A little too delicate to work the streets, you need a roof over your head and a security guard to keep you safe. Once you have those things, though, you will throw yourself into this work like the hardworking little hooker you were born to be. We'll have you in a basque behind an Amsterdam window, ready for ten to twelve customers per night. (Editor's note...'Ew!')
3. Your perfect job in the sex industry is... a GLORY-HOLE Queen:

My dear, poor little sissy...let's be honest: nature did not bless you with a pretty face. Nature did give you a whore's mouth, though...and an unquenchable thirst for you know what. Put those things together and that makes you the perfect glory-hole suck-off champ. With a brick wall between you and the punters no one will know or care what your face is like..only your mouth. Get ready for your new job! (Editor's note... 'double Ew')
4. Your perfect job in the sex industry is... SUBURBAN CALL GIRL!

Wow...you scrub up nicely, don't you...my pretty little sissy! Let's start you on hormones and get some silicone into those lips and some implants into those flat little titties. Your pretty face, good manners and naughty needs, make you the perfect suburban call-girl. We will dispatch you to the affluent suburbs to be a hired whore for men, couples and bi-curious women.
5. Your perfect job in the sex industry is... HIGH SOCIETY HOOKER!

Intelligent, charismatic and drop dead gorgeous...our organization believes you are just a couple of surgeries away from joining the elite escorts who service the high end of the trans-girl market. For six months, Mistress Elle will recondition your mind and feminize your body, using all pharmaceutical and surgical means available. By the end of this period you will be visiting luxury hotels, homes and parties to provide your slutty mouth for oral sex and charming conversation.
6. Your perfect job in the sex industry is... SISSY PORN GIMPOID!

With no talent for pleasuring men or women, no beauty, and no tangible selling points, the only thing you have in the sex market is your indomitable desire to degrade yourself in frilly uniforms with your hole open ready for whatever your mistress puts there. Thus, you will be sold to one of the sissy porn production companies like Lustomic to be the sissy gimp in titiles such as "Sissy sucker 3" and "Sissy maid gang b*ng."

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    • Brothel girl. Editors note say eew, I say fucking fantastic I love cock

    • Ashley Nicole Davis Reply

      SUBURBAN CALL GIRL! Absolutely perfect, when do I start.

  1. I got streetwalker…which is accurate..its also worth mentioning that my neighbors had on 2 separate occasions-..tried to give me a ride when i encountered them while walking back home in my girlie clothes after JUST giving a blow job( for a cloudy session(pnp)..@4am..cum still seeping from my ASSHOLE..hehe💋💋🐷💦🔥💋💅

  2. Please allow me to work in a brothel. I know my test says street whore, It is raining and cold and there are few customers out and about. I want to earn money for you.

  3. Jennifer Lynn Reply

    HIGH SOCIETY HOOKER!,, wow, I think I’d love this job. being the perfect sissy

  4. Says a street walker. Was hoping for something a little higher…

  5. I have already been a hooker 4 times. I wanted to be a cocktail waitress full time but had to whore few times


    you will visit luxury hotels, homes and parties to offer your slutty mouth for oral sex and fascinating conversations.

    I would feel comfortable offering my slut mouth for oral sex, for me becoming an elite Escort is my goal

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