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Sissy Tastes: What is your favorite item of lingerie?

Now come on, sissy... surely you're not going to choose pink, are you? Oh well... you really are a hopeless girly. INSTRUCTIONS: Mark a box and then press confirm at the end of the options.

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  1. Sissy Susan Reply

    Black is my firm favourite, closely followed by white, cream ,pink and beige.. I love wearing my bra,panties and stockings 24/7 and cannot imagine living without them., now completely feminised I have become humble,docile,submissive and obedient, in service to my mistress/owner who controls and dictates how I must dress.

  2. Please Mistress please!, what I need the most in life- to be a bimbofied SHEMALE BITCH SLAVE! Suck puppet!! Placed in a collar and secured to your leash! I can’t take it anymore! I crave to be a WOMAN I need to be WOMAN!! Please help me Mistress, Please!!!!

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