Having written two books with sometimes opposing ideas and a whole range of articles under different names, I would like to share a concise opinion of my current views on all things transgender.

Most of it’s…common sense.

Why do I see myself as a woman in my sexual fantasies and why is my gender identity blurred or contrary?

We cannot answer questions about sexual identity with even the slightest certainty. Scientists do not yet understand the causes of homosexuality, so called ‘fetishes,’ or so called ‘paraphilias,’ so how do you expect them to explain gender-variant sexuality?

In fact, we all take heterosexuality for granted but there are still fundamental questions that need to be answered about that! As a culture we are accustomed to the wonders of science and ‘knowing stuff,’ meaning we forget that there are many aspects of the human brain that are beyond the reach of contemporary science.

We just don’t know!

Ditto – gender identity.

Don’t be a fucking pussy, Conrad…hazard a guess!

I strongly suspect that gender variance and gender variant sexuality is just another example of nature’s tendency to switch the way it builds living beings. Depending on your perspective you can call it a manufacturing error or a wonderful propensity for variance… but the fact remains that nature frequently takes some building block (hormone, gene, limb, behavior etc.) and places it where it doesn’t normally place it. Thus, generally, men love women, but some men love men (homosexual); Generally, men have one set of genitalia but sometimes they have two (intersex).

I’m quite certain that gender variant sexuality and identity are the result of a classic switch in which an unknown physical building block commonly found in a female, is placed in a male. Therefore, the phenomenon is congenital, biological, and does involve some bona fide inclusion of feminine essence within the male organism. I would bet my house on this.

So it’s all biological, then? ie – there’s absolutely no psychological basis to the whole transgender thing… it’s not a delusion or a fetish that is created in infancy or anything else that occurs in one’s life?

The causes of the phenomenon are 100% biological; however, psychology and subsequent events powerfully affect the development of the gender variant sexuality. For reasons I discuss in my book, it is common for elements of so called ‘fetishism’ to be added on top of gender-variant sexual behaviour.

Psychology and life events also play a powerful part in what age a transgender awakening occurs, the force of the onset, and the type of treatment required to resolve it satisfactorily.

To conclude, psychology has a powerful effect on gender variance and leads to enormous diversity in transgender experience, identity and most important of all… TREATMENT! In other words, you can never make generalisations about the best way to treat a gender identity crisis. Some people need full on transition, some people…it can literally just go away after some years.

My new book is about a reader who came to visit me and Lucia on the beach, the crazy shit that happened afterwards, and what it taught us all about gender dysphoria.

Is it true that you are sceptical about transition?



Some people need to transition and they deserve our support and love.

However, some people…‘think’…they need to transition. They don’t! They also need our love and support and are free to do whatever they want with their lives, but personally I think there are alternatives that will, long term, lead to greater happiness. Their problem is gender dysphoria, which – like most things transgender – is poorly understood.

Fortunately, there is a new book coming out soon which’ll help them with their gender issues. This book will constitute a major step forward in the organic, chemical free treatment of gender dysphoria.

See you all on publication day – March 4th.

(P.S. The short book I released around Christmas was a kind of bastard off-shoot of the book I am currently writing. During its composition I found that the sexual issues kept on creeping in… so I had to take a detour and deal with that stuff once and for all. Now, I am happily working on my book about gender dysphoria.)

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