The next dimension of the dispute that has caused so much wasted time and energy on both sides is… proving or disproving the two types are different.

The proponents of autogynephilia, for example, have subjected transsexuals to brain scans to check their grey matter, repeated phallometric testing – which is basically attaching sensors to their penis and having them watch pornography, and various other strange experiments. While, for their part, the transgender community have invested decades in trying to prove that these experiments are bogus. To me, this is the blind leading the blind: they are all completely wasting their time because BOTH GROUPS ARE OBVIOUSLY DIFFERENT…

…One is homosexual, and the other is not.

a) Differences in brain scans

Last week Mister Cantor wrote on our website that we had overlooked the compelling physical evidence that proved the difference between the two groups of transsexuals… and proceeded to link to three experiments which show they have a slightly different brain. And I really couldn’t understand why this was evidence, because we already know that one set of subjects is homosexual and we already discovered in 2008 that the brains of homosexuals are different to those of heterosexuals. !!!!??? The first part of your premise was that the two groups are homosexual and heterosexual and obviously the brain scan reflects that. You told us you had evidence they were a different type of transsexual, not further evidence, as if we needed it, that they were homosexual.

b) Differences in perceived femininity

This also means that the supposed ‘feminine’ body movements and demeanor of the homosexual transsexual are meaningless. We are all familiar with ‘campness’; clearly, a young ‘homosexual transsexual’ as you call her, will have no problem acting in a manner which Blanchard considers (in a rather sexist way) feminine. They are, in terms of their assigned gender, biologically gay.

Part 2b. Sexual differences between homosexual and nonhomosexual transsexuals

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  1. Andrew Young Reply

    Do you guys have an email? I really find your stuff helpful, I’m a trans guy who kind of needs to understand his gender identity to be content, but it’s weird getting answers from like…internet ghosts

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