Do trans girls have periods?

Of course trans girls have periods…

…periods of despair when they realize there are people stupid enough to ask the question.

Why is it so stupid?

Because the answer lies in the question itself. For example, if I asked you can a double amputee run a 3 minute mile, what would you say?
Of course not, he’s a double amputee.
He can’t run a 3 minute mile or any miles, because the intrinsic meaning of amputee disqualifies him from this.

Similarly, a transgender girl, by merit of being a transgender girl, cannot have a period. If she was having periods, she’d have ovaries, fallopian tubes, a uterus and a vagina. If she had those things, she wouldn’t be a transgender girl.

A transgender girl has a biological male’s reproductive system. That’s why she’s so f****** depressed and desperate to transition in the first place. If we had fully functioning reproductive systems, we’d be thanking the lord on Christian cable channels, not transitioning and making YouTube videos about how miserable we are.

What are the origins of this  question?

When I was asked to write this article, I didn’t believe that people ask it. But if you look on Google search statistics, it really is a thing.

It seems there are 4 sources of this question…

  • 1. Possible misconceptions about the efficacy and function of estrogen.

Some believe that estrogen is a super drug which not only gives certain secondary sexual characteristics, but primary too.  So trans girls not only get breasts, but the aforementioned female reproductive system… and periods.

If only!

Unfortunately, estrogen doesn’t have that power.


  • 2. Possible misconceptions around the efficacy of gender reassignment surgery.

There are also people out there who believe that gender reassignment surgery is so far reaching and revolutionary, that it fits the trans girl with a complete and functioning sexual reproduction system. And once more, I will say…

If only!

In fact, gender reassignment surgery is more basic, and involves removing the balls, slicing and dicing the male organ, inverting it, and voila!

If they made an entire female reproductive system out of my penis, that would be even more impressive than my Italian grandmother, who is a genius at making leftovers go a long of gender reassignment surgery

LINK… How Gender Reassignment Surgery Works (Infographic)


  • 3. Misconceptions about what a period is.

There’s some guys out there who don’t really understand what a period is, and just think it’s some mysterious girly bleeding, and therefore a trans girl can have it too.

If that’s your case, then you  need to go back to biology 101.

When a woman menstruates, she excretes all of the menstrual tissue and blood from the lining of her womb out of her vagina. The stuff that she excretes… is basically the unfertilized egg.

So, as a transgender girl can never produce such an egg, it is impossible for her to have the period which excretes the material that came with the egg


  • 4. The question resulting from bad faith and desire to hurt the trans woman.

The most common reason for asking if trans girls have periods is not because the person wants to know if trans girls have periods. They already know.

What they’re doing is making a point: reminding the trans girl that she doesn’t have one of the defining biological features of womanhood.

This bad faith question, while not quite as bad as the do you have a penis question, is basically an insult. It’s designed to rub the trans woman’s nose in her male anatomical mess.

Another bad faith motive for asking the question is even more hurtful…

…what it really seeks to do is to ask the trans girl if she can have children or not, thus reminding her that she will never have a baby, which for many trans girls is one of the saddest facts of their existence.

Don’t remind us… we already know!


  • 5. Deluded transgender girls who claim they have something like a period.

Watch and weep.

Blaire White responds…


1. If you’re asking the question because you’re innocently mistaken, please educate yourself better about human biology.

2. If you’re asking the question because you’re as dumb as a bag of rocks, then there’s probably no hope for you… so I have no advice.

3. If you’re asking the question because you basically want to insult or denigrate trans women, then you are a nasty person and karma will come your way.

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  1. What a wonderful article. So absolutely correct in every sense. Thank you for posting this, it should be spread across the internet.

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