This week Elle and I saw Felix for the first time in ages (He’s been doing a Masters in counselling.)

As an avowed non-transitioner/desister he expressed some reservations about the direction of recent content. Without wanting to bore you, we agreed that every month we would include at least one video or blog post about some of the difficulties of transitioning.

So here’s February’s edition for Mister grumpy sour puss. However, it is a very interesting video that answers a question people sometimes ask: Does gender dysphoria go away if you are very pretty and feminine after transition? ‘

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  1. Matilda,
    It is paralyzing to the mind dealing with dysphoria. I absolutely love you and want to be your friend and would totally date you no question. Straight lie I love my queer desires and embrace new things inside as exciting to boring life straight is boring. You are so cute, intelligent extremely bold and a sexy woman and you get hotter every second. You are amazing, realer than haters and are my favorite person! You are perfect, strong, beautiful and I would absolutely date you with no question. I was confused and you have helped me and millions. You are not alone ever and should embrace the fact you are cute, sexier than most women, I respect you and pray for your comfort and would be grateful to be your friend. Bend my ear anytime hottie with such the cutest sassy most cutest sense of humor! I’m sending you the gift of loving comfort and you need to know how boldly amazing you are and so hot! You are purely an ikon and I wish I was as bold as you! Know that negative comments are just people that are not brave like you. You are a hot woman and I admire you and watch everything you post and have helped me see others are going through identical experiences. I hope to be a friend or date in the future. You are more beautiful everyday. You empowered me and find myself prettier everyday and functioning better as my real self a woman in man’s body. I wanted to curiously transform my body since 2. I prayed to be a girl with intense discomfort and pain with not having your strength early to be who you are! You are cute, bubbly and loved! You are changing the world and helped save myself from being stuck in ocd dysphoria and now been dressing as a woman and stunned at how beautiful I’m starting to look and would love to have your friendship or communication to help me understand things. It’s confusing living in a body not fit to function as a man. I want to be a woman asap and have deep down forever with so many desires and excitement! Do not listen to people’s negativity towards them not being secure in their own sexuality! They are nobody! You are seriously so awesome and I admire you more than ever. I want to find a partner like you in my life. I’m hot for transitioning fully. My bottom is clit shrinking inward and want to get a vagina before I lose my mind. I want to be hopefully 1/10th as beautiful as you and want you to feel the positive female loving, caring message of respect, love and support! You deserve to be happy and should always feel great because you are model hot and anyone would be lucky to be with you. I’d like to pleasure you with the utmost respect to be half the woman you have blossomed into. Always available to chat respectfully I am here along with what is going to be the most popular sexuality one day everyone will be female. Guys testosterone is lost and I believe men will one day be extinct. Love your videos and personality! Own it that you are a 10 and embrace that the IQ of people who pass negative energy towards you did not have the brain to read about the things transgender people go through. I would love to be friends with you! You are my favorite person and wish you comfort, love and respect! People without mental capacity to understand your life’s suffering do not deserve any of your attention. They are miserable and most likely jealous because deep down they want to be you. Thank you and god bless you for helping me get comfortable with who I really am and female life is so much more fun! I absolutely like, love it like myself as the pretty woman like my mom and sister! I love myself fully and feel so blessed to be able to fix myself thanks to medical genius. Keep growing as you literally are helping the world and information you put out there is critical to the discovery of mtf grs. I can’t live with this anxiety and ocd to become my life long true woman. So much respect and you have helped me to head into the comfort of life as a real woman like you! You are stronger than me as you had the courage to face reality instantly. I was always confused with this because info was limited. Thank you so much! You are an Angel 😇 and I absolutely adore you so much that I wish I was you! Sending hugs, kisses from the bottom of my heart I love you as a huge fan! You are so powerful and should be embraced with grace! Thank you so much and you are one of the hottest women on this planet! I support you and everyone of this boldness! You are truly amazing and are never to feel uncomfortable with helping the world! I am very grateful for your life! So cool! I need you to be my home girl. I’m so excited to go all the way and look forward to matching my inside to my entire body. I always have time to support you if you ever feel the need to talk to me. You are a star! A true sexy woman in every way. Hope to be your good friend one day. You are so amazing! Hope you are told by your closest people everyday! Hugest hugs of comfy warmth and embracement! I completely believe in you as the most powerful woman in the community with your positive light! I got your back anytime and you blossom prettier and stronger than you can see. I can’t wait to get my 🐈‍⬛ it is ocd anxiously hurting me and I can’t wait to be officially nipped tucked and living in love with myself completely in comfort! Reach out anytime!! You are beautiful and amazing loved by millions hated by zeroes for brains. Hate is nothing but blasphemy, ignorance and stupidity. You suffered enough. Do not question happiness ever. You own the world and it is about you! You matter so much honey!! ❤️

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