This week Elle and I saw Felix for the first time in ages (He’s been doing a Masters in counselling.)

As an avowed non-transitioner/desister he expressed some reservations about the direction of recent content. Without wanting to bore you, we agreed that every month we would include at least one video or blog post about some of the difficulties of transitioning.

So here’s February’s edition for Mister grumpy sour puss. However, it is a very interesting video that answers a question people sometimes ask: Does gender dysphoria go away if you are very pretty and feminine after transition? ‘

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  1. This is definitely relatable. There are time when certain facial and bodily aspects serve as a reminder of the past that incite the feeling of dysphoria. However, while the pain of reminders can be crippling, they still pale in comparison with the dispare of not being able to live as oneself. Four years later and transitioning is still one of the best decisions I have ever made, even if I still have rough days. Just remember everyone has rough days and to be kind to yourself.

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