Eddie Izzard recently appeared on Bill Maher’s show on Saturday and made a comment which caught my attention. Bill mentioned performing in ‘women’s clothes’ and Eddie said…

‘Well, I don’t see them as women’s clothes anymore…there just clothes.’

This statement contains an interesting irony for the crossdreamer: that if women’s clothes ceased to be women’s clothes then the crossdreamer would lose all interest in them…which led me to the following thought experiment…

How would a crossdreamer fantasize in a completely unisex world – utterly starved of distinct femininity? What cross-gender kicks are to be had in a Mao Tse Tung society where men and women wear boiler suits, both sexes have the same haircut, and there’s no make up?

Your answer will very much depend on how you interpret crossdreamer sexuality. This is my interpretation…and therefore my answer to the thought experiment.

How would a crossdreamer get turned on in a unisex society?

A crossdreamer is a man with a unique sexuality in which instead of wanting to have sex with a girl, he wants to be a girl (this sexuality may – or may not – be the result of some underlying feminine essence.)

This sexuality means that anything that is uniquely girlish has the capacity to turn him on.

This sexuality is a fundamental part of his behavioral programming and in order to execute it he must first seek ‘girl’ in the environment (when he’s an infant) so that he knows what it is he wants to be. This – in Blanchard’s terms – would be locating the erotic target.

In today’s society there are numerous behaviors, clothes, habits and ideas that are uniquely female and thus it is easy for the infant crossdreamer to invest his sexuality with those behaviors, clothes, habits and ideas. Later, he will get turned on by imagining them with respect to him.

Anne Lawerence’s book is full of fascinating case histories where crossdreamers have been turned on by knitting, having periods and being housewives – which confirms to me that a crossdreamer can get turned on by anything – literally anything – female. In fact, if all women started riding elephants tomorrow…that would soon be an erotic fantasy for the crossdreamer.

If he was raised in a society that was utterly devoid of external femininity, however, none of these obvious targets would be available. It is likely that three things would happen.

1) His crossdreaming would be much more centered on the body of a woman (particularly breasts as the most obvious sign of the female gender). This is what Blanchard called ‘anatomical autogynephilia’.

2) His crossdreaming would also be much more centered on behavioral crossdreaming – i.e. on practicing the gestures and body language of females.

3) He would also develop a powerful zoom lens for any tiny difference in female/male style. Although everyone would have the same boiler suit and short hair, the fem-craving crossdreamer would soon notice if women tended to part their hair to the right oe whatever. Then he would dream about that.

To conclude, although a unisex society would be devoid of many external and well known female cues – makeup, lingerie, hairstyles etc – the crossdreamer would still locate and assimilate whatever female cues existed. These cues would then form the basis of his dreams and fantasies.

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  1. Lisa Mullin Reply

    This is TERF nonsense pushed by people like Sheila Jeffreys…and as for mentioning Blanchard and ‘it’s all about sex, gender identity doesn’t exist’ ….automatic fail of the ‘piffle test’.

    In fact a classic example of what I have been talking about, for some part (or no) timers it is psychologically more comforting to imagine they are men with a sexual kink than examine their gender feelings and what that may mean and entail.

    Never mind about throwing all trans women under a bus ..eh… ‘It’s all about me’ … safely hiding away in the closet, not you that is going to pay the price.

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