So, you’ve told your parents, you’ve seen your doctor, you’ve splashed out on a new wardrobe and now you transition. But then what? In the case the of two transgender women in this video, you become an escort.

There’s a fascinating quote at the beginning of the video where Mia says that she sees escorting as a form of payback. Men are always trying to have sex with her but never want to commit to a relationship, so she takes their money from them.

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  1. There have been a few that have swept me off my feet. And believe it or not there has been even a couple of ladies. But all end all those that accept me are a small minority. And to be honest there is a small minority of boys like me that have the balls to go outndressed like a little slut. It’s a major thrill to me to brave the masses and a large part of my appeal to it. Because I am really not gay. I don’t lie most men sexually. My long term significant other gf of 8 years and I go round and round with my declaration that I am not gay. She doesn’t know everything but the truth is I am not driven to have a committed relationship with a man. I am only interested when I am dressed like a girl. And even then I am extremely picky, ridiculously so.

    It really irks me when some guy comes up to me and just pulls down his zipper like he thinks I was waiting for anyone, which I am not And in my experience it has been blacks US and Afrca that do that. Nothing is a bigger,turn off. Or whites that see you someplace and just suggests oral sex out of nowhere. I have to remind them I am not here waiting to service every penis there is,

    So I need to say that one man that did sweep me off my feet was back, or at least half. He flattered me with compliments, didn’t just start throwing hints for sex right away He complemented everything and that is huge. He held on to me always and even in public! He felt me up, and most importantly he kissed me passionately He made me feel loved and wanted and appreciated. I gave this man everything he wanted and he did me And no suggestion of money.

  2. 3 times in my life I have been a sissy whore to support myself to live as a woman. I was paid by men to take me to bed and use me as a woman, fuck me in the ass and suck their dick. The first time was in a house of domination and my Mistress was my pimp and made my dates. I would meet the man in the parlor and lead him to my room to have sex with me. It was like being in a brothel.
    My second time I was a street whore that worked the Tgirl section of Santa Monica blvd in L.A. I was madeup and dolled up and looked just like any cis woman whore working the streets. It was called the ‘hoe stroll’.
    The 3rd time I am a truck stop whore. I have my regular clients that know what I am and they call me and let me know when they will be here. I meet with them at the truck stop and they take me back in their sleeper and screw me in the ass.
    The only way I take on a new client is if they are referred by one of my existing regular dates. Being I have to meet them at a truck stop I charge 30 for a blow job and 100 for a piece of ass. I look like an average woman when I have a date.

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