Dear Blaire,

I enjoy watching your videos…but I often get the same feeling I get when I watch naughty vids. It’s not only that you turn me on… (I seem to have recurring fantasies about you in a catsuit, spanking me)… but that the whole, exciting experience is soon followed by guilt.

I am writing this letter to explain this guilt, and to explain the 5 reasons why I don’t want to see you anymore.


1)You only talk about what you hate…not what you love…

Fascists*, and right wingers in general, are never capable of being constructive or creating anything. All their policies center on destruction (bringing down the EU, expelling immigrants, disbanding NATO, reducing the state etc.)

This negativity is not just reflected in major policies but also in their worldview: they can always hark on for hours about what they don’t like (liberals, political correctness etc.) but never tell you what they do like (probably because it’s something along the lines of mass deportations, internment camps etc.)

Thus, almost all of Blaire White’s videos are endless rants about everything she doesn’t like: other transpeople, feminists, fat people etc.

Advice: Give me some positivity! I love you and want to know what you like not what you hate! You always seem like you’re depressed!

(*when we use the term ‘fascist’ in 2017 it means a far-right leaning individual who favors authoritarian rule and has suspect views on racial, gender and sexuality issues)

2) You pick on people younger and weaker than yourself…

Blaire White, you are a college educated, middle class woman in your twenties.

You’ve spent a lot of your time mercilessly criticizing teenage transkids like Milo Stewart. Not only have you done your own response videos but ninety minute collaborations with other vloggers in their twenties, deconstructing and sneering at every single thing said in transteen videos. To use a Donald Trumpism: SAD!

We all know that some people go over the top with their “I’m a non-binary pansexual aromantic transgender lesbian” but these guys are young and society is still figuring this stuff out.

Advice: pick on someone your own size!


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3) You refuse to constrain your use of offensive terms like ‘tranny’…

NEWSFLASH…insulting people doesn’t come across as a sophisticated and challenging use of freespeech…it comes across as you being a dick. That’s why there is no such thing as true freespeech – most of the western word has anti-hate laws because ripping the shit out of people isn’t free speech…it’s aggression.

I get it…you’re a pretty girl, so it doesn’t matter if you use the word ‘tranny’ to yourself…in fact, it’s kind of quirky and cool. But when you use it as a blanket term – especially about transpeople that don’t pass well – you summon the meaning of the word ‘tranny’ in public discourse: a transvestite.

Another linguistic point…on your appearance on conservative chat-show (Rubin) you kept on putting the word ‘transition’ and ‘dysphoria’ in airquotes. This is an attempt to delegitimize the lexicon of transgender experience. You can maybe put airquotes around “non-binary pansexual aromantic transgender lesbian” but when you denote fundamental terms like ‘transition’ as hackneyed, you are saying that the whole trans narrative is bullshit. You’re bullshit! (Oh my queen, forgive me!!!!)

Advice: Get yourself down the Aretha Franklin diner and order yourself a large serving of respect.

4) Like all fascists – zero empathy…

Blaire, in your first video you explain why you disagree with feminism and the idea of male privilege. The argument goes something like this: when you were a 5 foot 5 ‘failed man’ (your words) life sucked and no one paid you attention…but when you were a pretty girl everybody paid you attention and opened doors for you and fawned over you. Ergo – life’s great for girls and they have lots of privilege and life sucks for men. And also being trans isn’t so bad as people make out.


1) life is very different for a pretty young girl than a regular or ugly girl. Try and think about life for the whole of female kind…not just pretty girls from middle class backgrounds.

2) Life is very different for a pretty young trans girl than the masculine looking transgirls you mock in your videos. They suffer a type of discrimination you’ve never experienced because YOU REALLY DO LOOK LIKE A GIRL! That makes you uniquely NOT qualified to talk about how easy or difficult life as a trans person is.

3) Men also fawn over small children and animals and new cars and hold the door open for old folks. The fact they are enamored with your sex appeal and have objectified you isn’t the greatest sort of privilege.

Blaire White… you’re either with us or against us! As you’ve chosen to support a misogynist – that means ‘against.’ Boo hoo! How could you criticise the woman’s march!!!!

5) You are a puppet of the fascist media…

The worst thing of all is the way you go around the right wing media outlets criticizing the trans community and confirming right wing stereotypes that the trans community is mad and stupid, and the only trans voice of reason is Blaire White. You also defend Breitbart.

NEWSFLASH: The reason Breitbart employs a token gay and token muslim and token Jew to front their organisation is pretty damn obvious, and if you really can’t see through it…then you are not as smart as I think you are. It’s a gimmick…and the fact that Milo says in every interview “Look at me…I’m a raving queer and they hired me!” makes the gimmick pretty obvious.

It’s called ‘rebranding the far right.’ If you put forward some token minority figures then every time people call you a fascist and a homophobe you can say ‘no…look at our token queer…we’re not peddling dark, hate-inspiring muck” meanwhile…you continue peddling your dark, hate-inspiring muck.

By appearing on these shows you do not empower yourself or the trans community…you come across as a token transgirl. Just like slavers used to employ slaves as their overseers, you have knowingly taken up the fascists whip and used it on your own community. You and Milo should take yourselves off to that great country you lot so admire – Putin’s Russia – and see how they treat you there.

What makes us great, Blaire, is that we live in a free society. You are actively conspiring to legitimise people whose long term aim is to take away freedom and makes us a divided, Darwinian society where the winner takes all.


Blaire…you’re articulate and sultry and cool and it’s hard to let you go. I get the whole politically correct thing. It drives me nuts, too, and is ripe for comedy. But that comedy needs to be delivered in a context of respect and compassion.

To show what I mean, I leave you with a video which makes the same point you did about fatphobia. It’s fucking hilarious and mocks the shit out of fat people…but it comes from a man who does a lot of work for charity, animal rights and all sorts of other good causes. If you just showed me a little more of the positive Blaire and the socially conscious Blaire then you would rid yourself of this notion that you are a diddy-fascist and maybe I could see you again.

With much love,


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  1. Anti hate laws? Not about speech. You should read the constitution. There is no hate speech exemption. So I can say your article is retarded and that “hate speech” is still free speech!

  2. There is no such thing as a small government fascist. Don’t use words that you don’t understand. Blaire White does talk about things that she loves but get a clue. Blaire White is a storyteller, and in storytelling only trouble is interesting. She is incredibly empathetic and delayed her own transition so her newly widowed mother could grieve. That story is powerful because of the “trouble” part (Dad died) not because she loves her mother.

  3. Love your site but just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them a fascist.
    As someone who’s family was directly affected by them in WW2 Germany, I despise people who use the term to describe someone they don’t like. It really is a pathetic way for you to justify any violence that goes their way.

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