Why choose the costume of a general, non-defined slut / streetwalker?

One of the most shocking and controversial findings of our research was that a girl who dresses as a kind of… general, undefined slut… is almost always a kind of… general, undefined slut.

This was shocking because it flied in the face of our team’s liberal values.

However, our job as scientists is not to publish our emotions, but the facts. And the fact is that girls who don’t really choose a specific character or role in their costumes (but just generally look like streetwalkers or tarts) are statistically much more likely to engage in casual sex with someone they meet at a Halloween party. 

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  1. Stuart Milne Reply

    Interesting website with many very attractive women. The video with a woman in leather was a feast to observe. Thanks

  2. Well. as a non-defined slut there is always room for improvement.

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