Intro to this week’s sissy test:

The question of differences between genders is extremely controversial. Therefore, we advise you to do this sissy test first… and think about the methodology afterwards! There’s no fun in twisting yourself into conceptual knots about gender politics.


  1. Look at the photos and answer the questions.
  2. Click on image to see the majority female answer. If you consistently react in the same way…

…you think like a girl.

1. What’s your first thought? (Click on pic to see the majority female reaction.)sissy survey1. What’s the most notable difference in the room from photo 1 to photo 2?

3. Where’s the first place she needs to go when she leaves the house?

4. Give six examples of ‘sloppiness’ in order of priority.

5. What’s the best and worst part of her look?

6. How do you feel when you look at her?

7. What’s the bane of her life?

sissy quiz

8. First thought?

9. Natural or fake: how do you know?


10. What are the 5 worst things about her look – in order of style violations.

11. What month is it? How do you know (in order of clue immediacy?)

12. Why is the best thing about her outfit…the worst thing about her outfit?

How to calculate your score:

You have to formulate your own score and results for this sissy test. We don’t want to make any transwomen angry by telling them they ‘think like a man.’

What was the methodology?

Between August 3rd and 5th, we conducted 45 online interviews with women aged 25 to 48 and asked for their reactions to 12 photos. We looked at their answers and listed the most common responses.

We leave it up to you to decide if this sissy test has any validity. For us, it’s a little bit of cerebral fun. Hope you enjoyed it.

In your opinion, do you think like a man or a woman?

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  1. Mistress help me please!!! I cant take it anymore! I have to be a WOMAN!!

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