(EDITOR’S NOTE: The main argument is in the 30 amazing images contained in this post (a picture is worth a thousand words etc.) but we’ve also included five arguments for our more cerebral readers. Enjoy!)

1. You don’t have to worry about politics anymore.

Will Trump steal the presidency? Will North Korea increase it’s arsenal? Will Putin hack the 2022 Mid-term elections? All these pressing questions cease to be so pressing when you slip into the pink, fluffy haze of bimbofication.

And besides, authoritarians and oligarchs love bimbos… so you’re sure to thrive when the end of western democracy arrives.

2. You don’t have to worry about getting a job or keeping a job

Bimbos don’t work. So what do they do for money? Well, that’s a closely guarded trade secret which we can’t share until you join our numbers. However, start researching different bimbos on Instagram and you’ll soon see that – famous or not – they never have a job.

Being a Bimbo is their job!

3. You’ll never be bored again EVER!

When have you ever seen a bimbo looking bored? bimbos are constantly animated, laughing, drinking, fucking, shopping, swimming, working out, taking Poufy the chihuahua to the vet, attending doctor’s appointments, skincare appointments, dental appointments.

Furthermore, everyone is constantly paying them attention and inviting them places. Trust me: being a bimbo is much more exciting than whatever the hell you’re doing now.


4. You won’t get old…

There’s a reason you’ve never seen an old bimbo! They never get old! Yes, they are subject to the same laws of biology as all of us, but unlike us, they refuse to accept or co-operate with those laws. Surgery, nutrition quack remedies, treatments: there are dozens of weapons in the bimbo’s armory against aging.

And if it doesn’t work: you just go out in a blaze of glory in your twenties and be remembered forever young. Better to burn out than fade away!

5. You’ll have a really nice house and a super cool car.

When have you ever seen a bimbo in a late nineties, clapped out Ford Orion?

When have you ever looked on Insta and and seen a bimbo in a bathroom with mold on the ceiling and grubby looking tiles?


Bimbos always have amazing apartments with lots of marble, gold and crystal. And when they need to leave their house, they always jump into a brand new sportscar. Choose bimbofication, girl-friend, and you’ll see how you end up with better digs and better wheels.

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  1. The only reason Bimbo’s are given a bad rap is because everyone knows how smart they really are. I wish I had the courage to be a Bimbo and enjoy the finer things in life that all true Bimbo’s do. Bimbo’s rule the Earth and everyone knows it, but won’t admit to it. I wish I were a Bimbo and so do you.

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  2. Sarah Pink Doll Reply

    I want to be a Baby Doll, I choose the Bimbofication ….. I am really convinced and I ask for help, I want to be reprogrammed and transformed into a Baby !!!

  3. I want to become a Bimbo and work….fill my lips and breasts with silicone and have a big ass that attracts as many alpha males as possible
    Going on a diet, facelift, gym and never get old…..a Real Baby Doll made of obedient silicone, that’s what I want most in my life

    Please, I implore you, help me fulfill my dream….help me

  4. Sara pet Doll Reply

    I renew my invitation to contact me to be transformed into a Bimbo Doll and make my Transition through a reconditioning process

  5. Deseo ser una preciosa tonta bimbo,para complacer y servir
    Esta web es maravillosa

  6. I would love to become a Baby Doll, but how can I do it?
    Who can train me and turn me into all this?
    I would like to change my life, to be what I’ve always wanted to be, a Bimbo

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