“I want to be a bimbo.”

This is one of the most common e-mails we receive at novagirl. For these readers, feminization training is not enough… they want to become bimbos. So I decided to write this brief guide on where to start your journey towards bimbofication.

The way I see it, there are five initial steps you need to take.

1. Correct your information flow

Let me ask you a question: have you ever heard of a happy philosopher or writer or political activist?

Of course, not!

Being a thinking person inevitably leads you to think about the human condition and its logical adjunct: despair!

Forget about the news and ‘issues’ and contemplate… the bimbo condition.

Being a bimbo is a state of mind, not just a state of body. That state is something like a void…

…a bubbly, shiny, pink… void.

Books and news and documentaries will bring you down and distract you from your mission: being pretty and getting lots of followers on social media.

Correct your information flow towards fashion, beauty, and other bimbos.

2. Secure funding

Becoming a bimbo requires more than feminization training. It requires cash. Lots of it. Concretely, if you’re starting from zero (i.e. a totally flat chest etc.) the surgeries alone will be tens of thousands.

Then you have the wardrobe, gym, car, toy dog, dental work, beauty treatments, hairdresser and much more.

solution: sugar daddy, bank loan, escort work (regular work just isn’t an option… bimbos don’t work!)

Probably the best option is a bank loan. Once you’re a fully fledged bimbo, there’ll be lots of economic opportunities and you can soon pay it back.

3. Buy your starter pack

It can be really depressing when you see just how much money your mission can cost. That’s why you need to raise your morale and get things moving with an affordable, viable action…

…your bimbo starter pack.

  1. Fake tan
  2. Hair dye.
  3. Shocking lipstick ( and some stripper heels if you have the cash)

All bimbos have dyed hair, fake tan and a lot of makeup. All of which are within reach of any girl… so get yourself to the mall. These baby steps will impulse a rush of excitement that spurs you on to further glamor and glory.

4. Get your diet sorted from day 1

Why don’t you see fat bimbos?

Because – by definition – a bimbo can’t be fat.

You can have all the surgeries, micro dresses, and chihuahuas in the world, but nobody will call you a bimbo if you’re fat. They’ll call you a fat slag or a chav.

Therefore, bearing in mind that your starter plan requires you to be thin, it’s best to get all diet issues sorted out from day 1. That means learning exactly what you can eat, when you can eat, and in what portion sizes.

Do it now, and it will save you lots of calorie counting when you’re a fully fledged bimbo. You will already know the perfect diet by instinct. (I really recommend Elle’s True Feminization program for diet tips.)

5. Move to a new city and reinvent yourself

There’s nothing worse than relaunching your sense of self… and then you bump into that primary school friend who remembers that time you pissed your panties in school assembly (whoops… didn’t mean to reveal that.)

People from your past are like gravity… they bring you down to earth.

Bimbos live in the clouds!

So… move to a bimbo friendly city where there’s cool people, economic opportunity and good vibes…

…that’s the perfect place where you start being a bimbo.

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  1. It’s a paradox: books are my life, my livelihood, and really my world. I’m unsure if I’ll ever actually be able to embrace the bimbo world. Though embracing my natural submission and femflow has made me a happier, more bubbly, lighter 💜❤️🖤🖤🖤♥️’ed sissy.

  2. Sissy Angelina Reply

    I need to new life.
    This bimbo life😻
    how to get to you, I want to write to me in conclusion.

  3. It’s a paradox: books are my life, my livelihood, and really my world. I’m unsure if I’ll ever actually be able to embrace the bimbo world. Though embracing my natural submission and femflow has made me a happier, more bubbly, lighter ’ed sissy.

  4. Sara pet Doll Reply

    I would like to wrap myself in Pink Doll clothes and become plastic with big boobs and silicone lips.

    I can’t find any support or an organized structure that deals with training and shaping Bimbo Dolls, willing to help me in my Transition to become a Bimbo Doll forever, I’ve searched everywhere but no answer… I don’t even know where to look now, I admit to being frustrated and disappointed.

    I would be very grateful if they would help me to fulfill this dream of mine that I have always had, because it is not a fantasy of mine but it is because I am truly and firmly convinced of what I would like for myself……

    To the question ” Would you like to become a BImbo Doll owned by a Club or private structure with continuous training and transformation? “…….. Well I would say yes, convinced and sincere because that is my true nature.

    Being a BImbo Doll

    • Emmy, there is something very wrong with your e-mail address. Every time I try to reply it gets sent back to me. Please investigate as I cannot train you correctly if I cannot contact you.

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