Attire: a body for hire

FETISHIST POSITION: “I understand that clothes can turn a cis woman on… like lingerie for example… but only because they signal impending sexual experience. There’s no doubt, however, that many of your so called ‘transgender’ people are simply transvestites… who get turned on – without any other sexual partners involved – simply by being dressed as a woman. That is a fetish if ever I saw one.”

Some crossdreamers – pretransition – have a higher erotic interest in female attire than ciswomen. This is due to the lack of a female body in both subjective and objective experience. As previously stated, sexual fantasy for a transgender person involves an imagined body. However, presuming that sexuality is born at an extremely early age… the infant is unlikely to have intimate knowledge of the female body. His conception, therefore, of how to make this leap becomes intimately connected with the most visual cue of womanhood available: attire.

As transgender children grow into adults they come to know, intimately, the female form, and thus their body image becomes progressively more accurate. Therefore, their earliest sexual fantasies usually start with attire, then include breasts, and finally vagina… as they discover each of these things. However, it is the first erotic stirrings which remain the strongest… and that’s why a lot of male to females can not quite shake off their erotic attachment to clothing. This attachment normalises upon transition as the transwoman develops – through hormone therapy and/or surgery – a more feminine body.

But the question still remains… if someone is aroused and brings themselves to orgasm… purely because they are dressed as a woman… does that not signal a fetish?

First of all… so called transvestic behaviour involves clothes that are perceived by the wearer as being sexy ie. lingerie, short skirts, etc. They are subtly, or blatantly erotic. We can say, therefore, that what is arousing the crossdreamer is not feeling like a woman… but… feeling like a sexy woman. Once you realise this we return to our common theme… the poverty of physical femininity in the transgender body and the attempt to correct it either through fantasy… or in this case, clothing. A crossdreamer can not feel horny, reach into a bedside draw and whip out a vagina; and with a male body there is no chance to experience breasts or of feeling sexy as a woman. The only way some crossdreamers can vaguely connect with such a feeling (and it’s really vague) is to wear sexy female clothing.

However, again, this is by the by, the premise of the fetishist position – that there are no other partners in the fantasy – is not correct. I don’t doubt there’s some intrinsic, immediate thrill at being dressed like a sexy woman for the crossdreamer, but there’s no way it remains a solo fantasy (the perfect phrase here is… all dressed up with no place to go.) So, whether it’s a beautiful man, a well hung dwarf, a stern nun or a lesser spotted eagle, I can assure you that someone or something is soon going to enter into the fantasy.

The idea of the solitary perverted tranny – devoid of any erotic target other than themselves – is an exaggeration of the fetishist who, not content with the shit us transgender people already have to deal with… insists we feel double the shit while we deal with it.

9. Forced feminisation and transgender sexuality

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