Forced feminisation is forced upon us

Of all the fantasies experienced by some transgender people (pre-transition) the most difficult to understand is forced feminisation. In these fantasies the crossdreamer is forced by a dominant man or woman to dress/behave like a female and perform sex acts.

But of course, it’s only hard to understand if you think that the sexuality of a transwoman must be like that of a ciswoman to be considered authentic. Trans critics love to leap on forced fem with the familiar charge ‘a real woman wouldn’t fantasize about being feminised.’ To which I reply ‘Obviously … that’s because a ‘real’ woman has already been feminised by biology.’ As stated ad nauseum… the trans-female sexuality lies buried beneath a mound of male anatomy, socialisation, and in many cases, the belief that crossdreaming fantasies are not a key to their true identity – but a key to a dirty fetish.

To understand better, I want you to imagine that you are born in the wrong body, and when you try to behave like your true gender… your parents, your peers, and society in general, tell you that it’s wrong… or they laugh at you… or they laugh behind your back. Not only that, but when you fantasise sexually – which obviously you do in your true gender – that’s considered perverted. And imagine how you feel when, unable to get female vaginal penetration with a dildo, you use it anally. More shame. Finally, add to all this… the depressing fact that it seems like none of your fantasies will come true.

Take all those things together, and you will soon see why forced feminisation is attractive. All the complications of choice, shame and seeking are resolved because the fantasy is forced upon you. And although it says ‘forced’, in reality it is the perfect vehicle for a crossdreamer to achieve what they want… to be as feminine as possible and to have sex in the female role.

The forced part usually comes via blackmail… or simply the superior physical strength of the dominator… or a form of voluntary surrender… but however it is achieved it serves a number of desires. Firstly, it removes any guilt – because the subject was forced into it; secondly, it is simply a transgender equivalent of the way a man might enjoy being forced to ‘eat pussy’ or a woman might like to be spanked and called a ‘naughty girl’ or a man forced to wear a latex hood and trampled on. Humiliation and domination are rife within all sexual orientations and inclinations, and forced feminisation should be seen as one of several forms of domination that would appeal to the transgender psychology. But it should be noted that its appeal is not universal… there are many transgender people who have no interest in this fantasy at all.

10. Conclusion – transgender fantasy

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  1. Interesting, I jumped down to comment and will finish reading shortly.

    This part:
    “To understand better, I want you to imagine that you are born in the wrong body, and when you try to behave like your true gender… your parents, your peers, and society in general, tell you that it’s wrong… or they laugh at you… or they laugh behind your back. ”
    Is quite incomplete.

    Not just being laughed at, but being punished for being “effeminate” by someone’s standards (usually a father, I’d wager, especially in my generation – Post WW2, not a Baby Boomer, with a father from strong religious upbringing and significant hardship growing up. He admitted he was “free with his hands.”)
    I was an emotive type, not particularly effeminate, I don’t think, but more refined than my peers – mostly blue-collar offspring, and rather nasty, to be honest. But I wasn’t allowed to fight, keep that in mind…
    So I was the one teased and taunted, and if I fought back, I’d have problems both at school AND at home.
    And with dad’s “hands-on” discipline, which could come out of nowhere, and for no reason (Meaning, you didn’t have to do anything wrong), yet girls got special treatment?
    In other words, in my ego-driven mind as a child: I was being abused for who I was, regardless of who I was.

    Now, add in my mother’s lack of knowledge of boys, my parental detachment from society (it’s all evil. Think along the lines of ‘Waterboy,” his mother?), and a high IQ on my end, with high verbal aptitude, and a dislike of “boyish” sports (Rugby of a sort, played among tree stumps and rocky ground.) I had dolls and stuffed animals… But action figures were a no-no, “Dolls for boys.”

    Somewhat insane, in a way. No matter what you do, it’s wrong.

    Been perusing the Manosphere for a while; I’d rather NOT transition, and I wanted to let you know, your site is going in new directions and asking new questions – which might well be quite helpful.


    BTW: Manosphere is a loose coalition of blogs mostly on the “alt-right” and paleoconservative side. Addressing men and men’s issues, and dissecting and examining the female mind and feminized society. Surprisingly, a fair amount of congruence.
    I’d also think the very existence of transsexuals would lay to rest the “blank slate” or “gender as a social construct” BS. If we could just “choose” to be masculine or feminine (reflecting male and female, essentially), wouldn’t we just choose that? If we MUST progress – if we must even ask the question – then the logic dictates that man and women, expressed as varying degrees of masculine and feminine, MUST be inherently different. Which stops the feminist arguments dead, right away. 😉 Man and woman are NOT interchangeable, and gender is NOT merely a social construct. Much like it’s almost impossible for women to be color-blind, but more common in men, there must be some genetic component to how we act. Transgenderism is merely the “birth defect” we deal with, it’s not evident like cleft palate, but it’s still there, and discovered with an MRI. If ANYTHING, we should loosen the definition of what it is to be a man and to be masculine. (See Feminine Imperative over at, say, Return of Kings.) Women got to wear pants, be bossy, bitchy, controlling, got the laws changed so they were “queen of the hill” – with the state to back them up. What did men get in the exchange? Loss of family, home, finances, respect, and even self. (Duluth model of family violence.)

    I think from that bit, you can see the “obsession” article and Auto-G article and “Should I Transition?” apply. (For me, no transition, though I wouldn’t lose any friends over it… Don’t have any to lose, since it’s been all-consuming sometimes, and a bad relationship, she’s literally crazy – that’s making things impossible. Now that she’s gotten some help, I need to do the same, so I can get off the merry-go-round.)

  2. Stefani Special Reply

    So this couldn’t be more wrong than wrong can get. Matter fact the only reason I’m seeing this is because you conveniently use the picture of my Dominant. My BDSM dominant, not my forced feminization dominant. *Eye roll* Don’t confuse men’s cross-dressing sissy fantasies with transgender or transsexual people and their fantasies. This is extremely problematic! Don’t devaule transwomen’s existence by relating them to cross-dressing men. Do everyone a favor & don’t talk about something unless you know what you’re talking about. This knowledge is usually gained out of experience. Forced feminization is not a transgender fantasy it is a crossdresser fantasy. Definitely not saying trans people can’t have forced feminization of force masculinization fantasies but they are definitely the exception and not the rule. Also if so you’re most likely definitely not talking about a sexual fantasy and more like a body alignment fantasy.

    From a transwoman & kinkster, being trans is not our Kink so shut it.

    • Transcend Everything Reply

      Sorry, my friend…there are numerous examples of transwomen who talk about forced feminisation fantasies pre-transition: Julia Serrano, for example.

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