Appendix: Arguments against Unified Transgender Theory based on the content of certain types of fantasy.

Unified Transgender Theory is the definitive and final laying to rest of so called ‘cross gender arousal’ – the stick with which both the community itself and transphobics have been beating transgender people with for the past fifty years. Unified Transgender Theory states that ‘cross gender arousal’ before transition is universal in the transgender psychology and, far from being anomalous, is logical for a woman born in a man’s body. Furthermore, an imagined female form, dress and manners, is likely to feature in all types of fantasy – be they about her future in general or her sexuality.

Cross gender arousal is, therefore, no longer seen as a contraindication to transgender, but as one of its primary calling cards. Even men who currently identify as men, if they always identify as women sexually, are considered transgender people who have been socialised into accepting their assigned gender.

Critical to those who want to discredit Unified Transgender Theory is the attempt to see cross gender arousal as proof of a fetish for being female rather than genuine transgenderism. Such people inspect all common forms of cross gender fantasy looking for proof of a fascination with transformation, simply being or dressing like a woman (rather than having sex as a woman), or the retention of male identity in the fantasy. This article exists to interpret common forms of so called ‘cross gender arousal’ in the light of Unified Transgender Theory.


7. Transgender females and a fetish for transformation

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