The whole world’s gone crazy, but the power and beauty of bimbofication remains the same. Welcome to our latest celebration of bimbofication.

























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  1. I have a serious question so here it is and please don’t think I am playing please I want to be in porn but only TS porn but I want to find someone who wants to use me to create the perfect sex toy for porn I will be very forward about what I want to do ok I am very serious ok I want to be completely surgically altered facial reconstruction and surgery I need to look like a very femine girl I want dd breast and the only 2 things I want to be done for me is this1 I want my testicles removed and a extremely fat lipped super pussy in it’s place 2 I want my cock extended to be able to pentatrate my new big vigina and ass and be able to perform oral on my self I am will to disappear from Texas and work this off either for a porn company or a private group I am very serious about this I want to have All the alterations done quickly as possible and I am willing to live with the group who will do this and I will do any sexual act except scat play and anything with children I am willing to be a bdsm sub for the person or persons who will help me and be a live in 24/7 sex toy for them and do any sexual act on film once the operations are complete again I am very serious about this so if you know anyone who wants the chance to build there own personal sex toy please contact me I also would like to be kept on sexual enhancing drugs so I can be the best sluttest kinkiest lustiest freak toy fuck doll for the person who makes this happen

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