Redo… You!

Welcome to our latest experiment in interactive science fiction. As always, there’s a strong gender variant angle.

In REDO – you get to redo your life by using a quantum computer to travel through time and space.

SYSTEM: Redo was created by the quantum computer, ELLE2.

It allows you to start your life over.

New parents – New body – New life!

And if you think it’s not a ‘real’ life then you haven’t brushed up on simulation theory!

Not only do you already live in a simulation, but it’s most likely a simulation within a simulation…

..within a simulation.


 ©Elle Mesen 2021 All rights reserved.

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  1. Testing, wow, Absolute spot on. I’m more sissykins. Wow, I’ve only desired sex with women, I probably repressed more than I thought. It’s nice to see others with my interests. I’m pretty much alone. I can’t discuss these feelings with anyone. I think admitting to a mental illness would bring me more understanding to my family. So.. I’ll stay below the radar.

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