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Why is your training program called the Sissy Farm?

A farm is a specially designed space to facilitate rearing, penning, castrating and breeding for commercial purposes.

However, online rumours that the Sissy Farm is a specially designed space to facilitate the capturing, enslavement and reconditioning of sissies for commercial exploitation are nothing more than lies and defamation.

The Sissy Farm is a reference to the historical term ‘health farm’ as it is a treatment and rehabilitation program for sissies. We have both inpatient (onsite) and outpatient (online) facilities.

Treatment! Why do I need treatment?

Sissies suffer from a number of interalated, dangerous conditions such as transvestic disorder, porn addiction, delusions and obssesive thinking. If left untreated, such pathologies can lead to a life of misery for the sissy and its family.

While the condition is incurable, our program channels the condition into behaviours which are far less damaging to society and ultimately ensures the sissy secures employment in a field suitable to its nature.

What form does this treatment take?

Our treatment is based on the victorian model of patient care: harsh discipline and rigorous instruction. These are the values which guide our sissy training program.

However, this training also takes place within an innovative process of both psychiatric and surgical intervention.

  1. Psychiatric: complete personality erasure facilitates the installation of a new personality.
  2. Surgical* : bodily transformation in accordance with the aesthetics of ultra-femininity i.e. bimbofication.

Once the treatment program has finished the patient is no longer a sissy, but a pretty little bimbo with a bubbly engaging personality. The perfect mind and body for her new career as a sex worker.

(*While certain kinetic procedures such as enforced chastity are performed on site, medical surgery is of course carried out at approved clinics such as Facial Team.)

I don’t understand. How could bimbofication and prostitution possibly be a treatment?

One of the first lessons our patients need to learn is to stop trying to understand. Even intelligent sissies are notoriously inept at comprehending anything related to their own condition.

If you’re reading this now, and you think you might be a sissy, you need to stop thinking and simply submit yourself for  treatment. It’s what’s best for you, your family and society.

Come on! Seems to me this is just a thinly veiled fem-dom dungeon for sissies?

There you go again – trying to think. Just stop, sissy! You know you’ll tire yourself out!

The Sissy Farm has nothing to do with femdom or sissy porn.

If it was a dungeon then it would be in the category of medical bondage, financial domination, forced prostitution and mind control.

Why the hell would a normal person go anywhere near the Sissy Farm if they’re going to end up enslaved and prostituted.

Simple: the sissy is not a normal person!

We have conducted numerous empirical studies which prove that the sissy mind is so feeble it can be irrevocably manipulated – even towards enslavement, prostitution and multiple surgeries – by reading just 5 paragraphs of well crafted text.

But wait, didn’t I just read 5 paragraphs of text?

You did…

Welcome to The Sissy Farm!

all new patients must agree to the terms and conditions of the sissy farm patient-care contract.

By clicking on the above image you are declaring yourself in accord with all 6 clauses. As a consequence, you confirm your wish to recieve treatment for your transvestic illness and grant Mistress Elle full authority over all your future financial, legal and medical decisions, including the power to modify your body and mind in any way she fits see fits through surgery and/or medication. You will now enter the electronic backdoor to the Sissy Farm.
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  1. Or, hear me out…. 6k for breast augmentation in Albuquerque by doctor, Miguel Gallegos. You go in for a consultation, they set you up with an appointment for surgery. On the day of surgery, it’s like a dream. You are put on an IV and they inject a sedative into it. The procedure is done under conscious sedation, so yes you do remember the procedure and you can add that to the spank bank to beat your meat to it later. The nurses strap you down onto the white table with blue straps, then coat your chest in iodine. Your eyes close and open, and the next sensation you feel is like a fingernail being dragged gently across your skin. It’s enough of a stimulus that you’ll look down. Even though, the nurse will place her hand on your head and tell you not to look. It’s too late, you’ve seen one boob swollen up and the other still flat. You feel her grab your hand so you hold onto it, telling her thank you. This is comforting enough for you to close your eyes once more. Next thing you know you’re in recovery, then in a non-medical transport, the lady driving hands you a burger because she had asked if you wanted anything after surgery, to which you gave her a 20 and said a cheeseburger please. Finally, you get back to your hotel room where you are alone, and take care of yourself for a week. The recovery physically is quick, but mentally not as quick. The trauma of the past floods your mind; reminding you of all the bigots that held you down and kept you from being happy. Then you remind yourself that this is for yourself and no one else. Their opinions don’t matter, they aren’t the ones going through it, they can’t understand the why and they don’t need to. Don’t waste your energy explaining it. You know it’s to make you happy in mind and body. Overall you are satisfied with the results and are one step closer to being your true self.

  2. Btw. Make sure you masterbate. If you want to keep your dick workiny. I do it, 2 to 3 times a day. Still above average. Haven’t actually had any lost. It is use it or loose it when you start HRT. But dont masterbate to porn videos. Pictures are okay. But try to use your imagination so when you need to use it in the moment, you wont be desensitized. You’ll be able to get a hard on to just the thoughts and even harder with the real thing. I have gotten a girl pregnant before. It ended in a miscarriage but still. I was on hrt for 4 years before that happened. Again. Use it or loose it. Masterbate. Its healthy for you anyway.

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