As you know, we’ve created three interactive narratives this year.

We need your help to decide which one we should develop.

To remind you…

THE SISTER: a mysterious woman appears, claiming to be your sister.
REDO: start your life over… as a girl.
SHAPESHIFTER: transform into any female form you want.

Thanks for your co-operation…

Which story should we develop?

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  1. I’ll tell you something. All this website needs is more advertising.
    This is for sure the best blog since sissifyourself

  2. Dearest Mistress, It has been two years now that this sissy lost her crappy job and decided to leave the restaurant with Layla, and is now a Bimbo Prostitute, sent out by the Sissy Farm to recruit more unsuspecting men between the times I work at the brothal. They made me look as beautiful as Layla and to be as mindless . It is a better life. I am going to pretend to be another mans sister today and hope to fill my quota of recruits.

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