What is Bimbofication? A Brief Guide…

Definitely – a cheeky photo!

Sometimes, bimbofication doesn’t have to be a literal surgical experience. It can be an attitude.

ABOVE) This girl in the middle should get an award for those shoes. They are so cute! Compelling combo of anoraks with party dresses.

I think it’s fair to say that this Goddess below has life wrapped up and tied in a bow. On the beach, toy dog, designer shades…looking totally hot.

(Below) Fearless. I wish I could be that fearless. Maybe I would be if I had a body like that.

(Above) She’s so pretty. It’s extremely hard to define the difference between a pretty B-girl and a regular bimbo. It’s probably that she wears more conventional, girly clothes rather than strip club chic. This is valerie cossette

(Below) Who doesn’t love a sporty Bimbo?

(Below) I must confess I’m a little on the fence about gothy grungy B-girls. They’re kind of sexy in a dominatrix kind of way, but all those piercings and tattoos. Don’t know…what do you think?

She’s so stylish and so hot – please let’s make her head of the UN – I’m sure she’d bring world peace to us all.

Aletta’s insta (above)

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