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Throughout the history of psychology there have existed various concepts that are empirically unverifiable – but which aid our understanding of a whole range of problems from addiction to mood disorders, anxiety to phobias. Examples are – the subconscious, self esteem, and self assertion. Now we must ask ourselves: does Blanchard’s taxonomy have any wider social value?

To answer this, we must look at who is using it. Which artists, writers, social groups, philosophers etc. And I think anyone who knows anything about autogynephilia know where this is heading.

Please read my article Direct evidence that the autogynephilia theory fuels transphobia

Autogynephilia is a Godsend for the religious right.

So, unfortunately, the only social groups who find Blanchard’s work of any use are the forces of fundamentalist religion, the far right, and transphobics. As we have all seen in numerous websites such as the one in my article… the theory of autogynephilia and Blanchard’s taxonomy has inspired no art, no philosophy, no writing… all it has inspired is hate in transphobic groups and offence in the transgender community.

Point 6. The Blanchard taxonomy ‘homosexual’ and ‘non-homosexual transsexual’ brings no value to the culture as a whole. All it brings is the belittlement and degradation of transsexual people.

5. Conclusion – autogynephilia and the stigmatisation of older transsexuals

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