Maybe you like hockey, maybe you go ballroom dancing, or maybe deep sea diving is your thing. As later episodes of I’m Cait showed us – with Caitlyn stressing about her status at the local golf club – transition affects every corner of our lives… including our hobbies and sporting life.

Above is an excellent video from Caro Land who has a channel on youtube. She talks frankly about getting outed at her local gym. As a fitness fanatic she was extremely taken aback by the experience and is still debating whether to return there.


What is your principal hobby and how would it be affected by your transition?
What is your principle sporting activity ” “?


Social life

It is impossible to find a study of happiness that does not emphasise the importance of friends and socialising. I want you to focus less on your friends’ immediate reaction to your transition, and focus instead on its practical consequences.


How do you imagine your social life to be six months into your transition? How can you make an educated guess?

Naturally, this question is intimately linked to the issue we mentioned before of transition equalling – a coming out of your shell or a retreat back into it. Clearly, if you envision lots of new friends and social adventures then your social life is destined to improve and your happiness with it. If you anticipate an influx of friends, however, you’ll have to explain exactly where they are going to come from… you cann’t just cite a general feeling that you’ll be the toast of the town.

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