(PS: Girls… this is for fun, okay? Don’t start writing me long emails disputing the theory….)


Most girls like to keep their deepest sexual fantasies to themselves. However, there’s one night a year when every girl not only reveals those fantasies, but exposes her entire psycho-sexual profile:


After six months of meticulous research and input from sexologists and clinical psychologists across the world, Novagirl has uncovered the key to understanding a woman’s sexuality based upon the costume she chooses. And it also doubles up as a diagnostic tool because a choice of costume can reveal a number of underlying psycho-sexual disorders.

How to use this tool:

  • Girls: if you want to discover your true sexual nature, simply click on the costume which you would most like to wear. Then read the explanation.
  • Psychologists and academics from related fields: Simply click on any costume and discover its deeper meaning.
  • Guys: get tips on what girls to seek and what girls to avoid by learning the sexual  secrets behind costume choices.


Once you are party to the inside knowledge gained from our study, you must not abuse it. Do not approach girls at parties and make comments on their costumes – based on this article. Approaching a female at a party and telling her that her choice of costume shows a secret desire to be a prostitute is insulting and demeaning. Even if true.


The images are intentionally not named. This is to eliminate linguistic biases and other social markers, allowing you to go straight for that costume you instinctively want to wear. There are two examples of each type of costume.

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